Affordable SEO Service

affordable seo service

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about getting ranked on search engines, namely Google.

SEO is one of the most important ways of ensuring that your business succeeds. It’s human nature to assume that items at the top of a list are the most important so people tend not to look past them.

At Spruce Marketing, our web designers are also SEO consultants so we only design websites that Google will love. As part of our design process we always include keyword research and on-site SEO making us one of the most affordable SEO services around. We highly recommend taking advantage of local SEO too, this will help you show up on search results when people are using smart phones with location services.


Choosing the right keywords makes all the difference! You want to be competing for the keywords that the most people are searching for but that the fewest people are targeting. We are skilled at finding those quality high traffic, low competition keywords so that you can get ranked as quickly as possible!


This stage is all about making sure that Google knows what keywords your site is trying to get ranked for. Google now looks at over 200 different signals when deciding where to rank a given page. If you get this stage wrong Google just doesn’t know where to display your site in the search results.


If you search for something on your smart phone Google will show you local results first, but in order to show up you need to have you site optimised for local SEO. This includes setting up and effectively using a Google local listing. Spruce can help you with this and other important local optimisation.